Object Title

Breastplate and tassets

Breastplate and tassets



Object Number

II.40 E


Old Tower collection.

Physical Description

The breastplate has a low neck medial ridge and a deep peascod, with a flange at the waist. At either arm is a gusset attached by a rivet at the bottom and a sliding rivet at the top. At either side is a modern hinged hasp pierced with three holes, to fasten the backplate, and a small loop at the end with a pin on a brown lace. At the right of centre is a set of five pierced lugs and a key for the lance rest. At the centre is a filler for the hole for the grandguard stud, attached by a modern nut and washers. modern To the flange is attached a single fauld plate by a modern sliding rivet at either side. The tassets are each attached by two hinged hasps. Each tasset is of three lames, overlapping upwards. Each is articulated by a leather at the centre and inside, and by sliding rivets on the outside. Those on the left tasset are of modern buff leather, but those on the right are older but not original, being attached by brass (rather than brass capped iron) rivets. Leather lining bands of the same vintage are attached to both tassets by similar rivets. Each tasset has a turning pin at the inner end of its lower lame and a stud at the outer, for attachment of the extension lames. The main edges have symmetrically roped inward turns, about triple crests on the breastplate, with recessed borders on the tassets, and the subsidiary edges are bordered by double incised lines. The exterior is bright, rubbed and slightly patinated. A long crack runs around the angle of the flange, and the upper lame of the left tassets has a riveted repair at its inner end.


Dimensions: height: 560 mm; width: 405 mm; tassets: height: 320mm; width: 200 mm Weight: 7950 g

Inscriptions and Marks

Painted inside 21-8 (for 21 lb, 8 oz, 13/3.


Places England


Record created because the armour was split for Leeds packing