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13 in Bombard - The Boxted Bombard

13 in Bombard - The Boxted Bombard



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Purchased in 1979

Physical Description

The barrel of wrought iron strips bound together with iron hoops, some of which show gaps, the muzzle with a pointed foresight engraved on the front surface with a three-arrowed design. The fourth main ring from the muzzle was provided with two lifting rings, one now missing. The third from the breech has one central ring, also forming a rough rear sight.
Cast iron breech of smaller external diameter to the barrel, round in section when it connects to the barrel, the rear half of octagonal section, the top flat bored for the vent. To the right of the vent is a projection, perhaps the remains of a hinge for a vent cover or another lifting ring

Featured in

Hundred Years War


Dimensions: Overall length: 2388 mm (7ft 10in.), Diameter of powder chamber: 102 mm (4 in.)


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13 in


Places England


Illustrated in Grose's 'Military Antiquities' London, 1788, II, p.322-5 (Artillery Pl.2) and in 'Archaeologia X (1792) p.472. when it was at Eridge Green, Sussex. By 1784 however, it had been removed to Boxted Hall, Suffolk, where it was identified by H.L. Blackmore in 1975.