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Gothic armour - Gothic armour

Gothic armour - Gothic armour


about 1475-85

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Old Tower collection. The original vambraces were puchased from an Oxenham sale of 1842, and substituted in 1982. The sallet was putrchased at the same sale, lot 250. The gauntlets were presented by F H Cripps-Day in 1940. The left cuisse was identified by C Blair and purchased for him by E Oakeshott at Sotheby's 31 July 1951 lot 63. I Eaves recalled that the bevor was presented by T J Gregory in 1953; according to H R Robinson he had purchased it from P C L German.

Physical Description

The sallet (IV.15) is of one piece with a flat medial ridge, a single sight and a moderate tail. The bevor has a single gorget plate and is probably modern (III.1300). The breastplate is in two parts, the plackart with a pierced finial, the lowest plate of the fauld restored (III.69). The backplate is fluted, with a laminated culet (III.70) The left vambrace has pauldrons of 6 lames, of which the main plate and the two lames above are restored, upper and lower cannons and a shell-couter, all with shallow curved flutes (III.1216). The right vambrace is a modern resoration to match. The gauntlets have pointed and fluted cuffs, the edges of the plates fretted; the fingers are retstored, and the remainder doubtful. The cuisses are long with five extension lames above the main plates, and hinged extensions armound the side of the thigh. The top four plates and upper side plate of the left cuisse are restored, as is the bottom plate of the right cuisse. The poleyns have heart-shaped wings embossed with diamonds. The greaves are of three-quarter type and original. The sabatons are modern.


Mounted on HorseHeight2450 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

Breastplate at the centre of the neck
Maker's markGreaves under the ankle bone
Maker's markSallet


Places Austria

Bibliographic References

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