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about 1850

Object Number



Purchased at auction, Wallis and Wallis, 14 August 1964, lot 1565. Presented by Emperor Menelek II to Queen Victoria, and by King Edward VII to the Royal United Services Institution.

Physical Description

The shield is of thick hide, circular in plan, deeply domed in section with a rolled rim. The entire front is covered in embossed sheet silver ornamentation in the form of rectangles, triangles, stars and discs etc. In the centre is a raised circular boss mounted on a ground of red cloth. Inside the shield is lined with thin brown leather through which passes a single loop handle.


Dimensions: The diameter of the shield is 643 mm. Weight: The weight of the shield is 3.25 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks

Inside is a paper label marked: Art Treasures Exhibition, Museum of Art, Buckingham Palace.