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Helmet (top)

Helmet (top)

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Purchased from Robert Hales Antiques, 1999, no.145. Originally from the Bikaner armoury, Rajasthan.

Physical Description

Consists of an ogival one-piece iron skull terminating in a small moulded finial. Around the base, there are small holes drilled at equidistant intervals above which is an applied brass fretted strip and a semicircular beading. On the front is a large socket for the nasal, terminating in cusped and shaped ends and carrying a hinged loop to engage with the nasal when raised. The nasal bar proper is of flattened rectangular section expanding at the top into a leaf shape and terminating in an outward bent knob. At the bottom the nasal is expanded into a shield shape with cusped and engrailed edges. To either side is a plume holder with bases that expand like the nasal.


Dimensions: The height of the helmet is 210 mm, the diameter of the rim is 205 mm. Weight: The weight of the helmet is 1.45 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks



Places India


The present nasal and plume tubes are later additions that have been added to what was the back of the helmet. On the inside is a large rounded patch to which the nasal holder is riveted. On the back of the helmet are four filed off rivets that indicate the position and size of the original nasal holder. Inside, near the rim is a protruding rivet with a large rounded head. There is no obvious rivet to mirror this on the opposite side of the skull.