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1600 - 1699

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Purchased from Robert Hales Antiques, February 1999,(Hales no.133). Originally from the Bikaner armoury, Rajasthan.

Physical Description

These consist of five splint shaped plates, each with an applied iron border with scalloped edges. The borders are of a U section and have the edges of the plates rivetted into them. These edgings also have the hinges connecting the plates formed from them. The central plate is ridged longitudinally and has its upper edge cut to a point, acting as a standing knee guard with the two adjoining plates. The outer plates are considerably shorter and have the outer corners cut in a curve.

Around the outer edge are a series of holes, some still retaining the copper rivets that held the lining. Attached to the outer plates were three pivoted loops and three pivoted buckles for the fastening straps. One retains only one buckle and two loops, the other two buckles and two loops.

Both still retain traces of gilded decoration. This appears to have consisted of a shaped cartouche at the top of each plate below which were other shaped areas and then a narrow strip of gilding.


Dimensions: The overall height of the shinguards is 494 mm, the central plate tapering from 77 mm to 54 mm. The intermediate plates are 45 mm long, the outer plates 30 mm. Weight: Left shinguard weighs 1.45 kg, the right 1.5 kg.

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Places India


Very similar pieces of armour are illustrated in ''A Glossary of Arms and Armour . . '' by 'G. C. Stone fig 59' where they are described as arm guards.