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Leg armour

Leg armour



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Purchased from Robert Hales Antiques, February 1999 (Hales' no. 130). Originally from the armoury of Bikaner, Rajasthan.

Physical Description

This is now in a repaired and altered state. In its present form it comprises a semicircular pad of red fabric, heavily padded and sewn with 6 concentric rows of stiching. Along the diameter is sewn a wide leather waist belt covered with red velvet and having a rectangular iron buckle on the right. Fastened under this belt and at right angles to it is, on the right end of the pad the remains of a vertical leather strap and on the left a short leather strap covered with velvet retaining a small buckle. On the perimeter of the pad towards the top are two further narrow straps, that on the left terminating in a small buckle.

Below the waist belt, the pad is extended downwards and outwards in two sections that covered the front of the legs to just below the knees where they terminate in rounded points. These are again heavily padded and covered with red fabric. That section covering the left leg is in its original position and is still attached to the semicircular pad. The section for the right leg has been cut off and moved further to the right to accomodate a crude triangular pad to cover the genitals. Sewn to these legs are sections of armour, each made up from 5 long plate splints joined by mail and extended at the base by a shield shaped patch of mail incorporating an almost hemispherical knee plate. The erratic shape of some of the splints suggests they may have been salvaged from another piece of armour. The mail connecting the splints is of good quality, that surrounding the knee plates is of very poor quality and incorporates links of many different sizes. Sew to the sides of both of these leg flaps are two straps and buckles, one at about mid thigh and the other behind the knee.


Dimensions: The length of the armour from waist to hem is 700 mm, the height of the semicircular extension being 260 mm. The length of each armoured section is 590 mm, the width of each armoured section at the top is 310 mm. Weight: The weight of the armour is 3.9 kg.

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Places India


Most of the present straps and buckles seem to be replacements. On one leg there is the remains of a blue and white braid that may be part of an original fastening.