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Glaive head

Glaive head



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Obtained by exchange (exchanged for 19th century Chinese quiver), January, 1973. Purchased by him in Texas, from a vendor who stated it had been purchased by him in England. Formerly in the Richard Zschille collection

Physical Description

(from Typed Inventory) Knife shaped blade, with straight spike at the base of the blade on the front. Socket largely destroyed, but enough remains to reveal that it was of the open type. The whole heavily corroded.


Dimensions: Length overall: 565 mm (22.25 in), width 14.5 mm, depth: 13 mm Weight: 1 lb 14 oz


Bibliographic References

R Forrer, Die Waffensammlung des herrn Stadtrath Rich Zschille, Berlin, Mertens, 1894: 23, taf. 182 no. 721.


Group label in Leeds War Gallery, LW 22 (from 1996), with AL.122 3 and AL.123 1: 'Bills, English, 15th century'.