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Percussion six-shot revolver - Colt Navy Model 1851

Percussion six-shot revolver - Colt Navy Model 1851



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Bequeathed by J.B.P. Young, 1980

Physical Description

An altered London Navy, with octagonal barrel and loading lever in bare metal, heavily blued frame and silver plated round triggerguard and backstrap. The One piece walnut grips are heavily worn and rounded. The plain cylinder has at some stage been modified using an inserted plate with fixed nipples onto which has been pinned a rear cylinder face, cut out to give clearance for the nipples. The right side of the frame, which normally has the nipple groove has been machined out, and a flat plate inserted and screwed into place. This shows signs of much darker, modern blueing than that on the frame. The nose of the hammer has been drilled and tapped to accept a machine screw, which gives it sufficient reach to strike the nipples. At a casual glance this pistol resembles an early centrefire conversion, but it is not


BarrelLength191 mm


Serial Number 31572


.36 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Barrel: ADDRESS COL COLT LONDON Left frame: COLT PATENT Faint trace of British proofmark between wedge slot and loading lever screw