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Mail shirt

Mail shirt



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Possibly Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

Sleevless with standing collar open at the front. Extending to the upper thigh. Collar fitted with original iron buckle on the left rivet for a strap at the right and a hook for the strap at the right of the neck opening. At the right arm-pit is a lozenge-shaped gusset of mail, the base of the original sleeve; this is lacking at the left arm-pit. The mail is all riveted, the collar of smaller links than those of the body. Main body links are flattened with wire drawing striations a widened crested overlap, closed with a riveted wedge with a pronounced field head. The collar links are of the same character but smaller. At the left arm-pit is an amulet formed of three small riveted latten links and one large latten link. The larger link is of the same character as the body mail closed with a riveted iron wedge. The smaller links of round section closed with circular iron rivets.


Height: 630 mm; Width: 460 mm; Link Diameter Body Outside: 11.6mm Link Diameter Body Inside: 8.3mm Collar Links Outside: 10.7mm Collar Links Inside: 7.2mm Weight: 7.0kg (15 lb 7 oz)

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Places Europe


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