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Leaf-shaped top-spike with an octagonal moulding at its base from which the hexagonal neck flares toward the axe-blade and fluke. The large, heavy blade has a convex cutting edge, the upper and lower edges cusped. In the centre are four circular holes lined with brass; similar holes and pierced near the edges. A mark, faced with brass, is stamped twice on each face. Stout, rostroid fluke. From the central block two long langets extend down the modern haft; the open sides of the haft protected by similar, but seperate langets to form a long socket. Two stiff spikes, indented at the base are set into the sides of the central block, from each a decorative pierced strip extends over the langets. A punched, chequy band decorates the roots of the top-spike, blade and fluke all of which are forged in one with the langets.


SpikeLength265 mm
BladeLength273 mm
LangetsLength927 mm
OverallWeight2.4 kg


Places Europe

Bibliographic References

Viscount Dillon, 'Barriers and Foot Combats', Archaeological Journal, LXI, 1904, pp. 276-308, at p. 306, Pl. I (fac. p. 276), no. 3.