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Transferred from the Rotunda Museum of Artillery, Woolwich, 1927. From Rhodes, acquired by Sir J Lefroy 1867.

Physical Description

Composed of four plates, the lowest of which is a modern restoration. Originally of five lames.

The upper plate is rounded and shaped to the chin, with an angular, outwardly turned main edge, incised with a single line down the low medial ridge which extends over the lower lames. The main edge is bordered by a line of flush lining rivets with flat, internal heads, extending down the rear edges. At the lower edge is a flange, on which the next lame is articulated by modern rivets. Fragments of the leather lining band survive on the lining rivets of the upper plate, and in places on the two original lames below.

The gorget lames overlap upwards, and are of almost equal depth, dipping towards the medial ridge, at the top of which is a v-shaped nick. The restored lower lame is pierced with a set of holes on its lower edge to either side of the medial ridge. The upper three lames are marked at the lower edges, to the left of the ridge, with assembly nicks ascending from three to five on the upper plate.

The bevor is held to the face by a restored strap and buckle riveted to the rear edges of the upper plate.

Two of the rivets on the upper plate are missing, and three heads are broken away. A shallow dent to the right of the medial ridge may be part of a period repair.


Dimensions: Height 150 mm, width top 152 mm, width neck 135 mm, depth top 115 mm, depth bottom 150 mm Weight: 655 g

Inscriptions and Marks

At the left rear of the upper plate is stamped MA 2294 surmounted by a cannon. On the metal disc is stamped III.1148 abnd RM 16/225. There is a glued paper label with 206 in red ink, and 60/4 in black.


Bibliographic References

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The slightly dipped, weak appearance of the upper edge, and the assembly numbering starting at three suggests that there may have been lames, perhaps detachable, above the upper lame.This bevor should be compared to SJGM inventory numbers 2605 and 2687 (see catalogue numbers 3.13 and 3.10); the Mann bevor (catalogue no. 3.6) and Real Armeria, Madrid catalogue numbers D15 and D17 (Valencia 1898: 143-4, figs 83, 85). The full chin may be compared with a bevor from the Pauilhac collection, now in the Musée de l'Armée, Paris, no. GPo 714 (Reverseau 1982a: 25, fig. 33).

The absence of any maker's mark supports a non-Italian origin.