Object Title

Firearm accessories

Firearm accessories



Object Number

XXVIF.168 a


Purchased 1986.

Physical Description

The accessories are contained in a red canvas bag with a drawstring and an inscription in black ink. The comprise:
1. A fire steel, polished and florally engraves, having the tail bending around to form a grip.
2. a small drawstring bag of white canvas containg musket balls.
3. a small Indian style powder horn of green bronze with two iron loops cast into the rear face. There is no stopper.
4. a coil of fibrous rope wrapper with yellow painted fabric tape.


Dimensions: The canvas bag of accessories measures 410 mm by 440 mm. Weight: The gun weighs 3.85 kg. The match weighs 0.094 kg, the flask 0.388 kg, the balls 0.680 kg and the steel 0.054 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks

The bag has written on it 'Dhamako Bundi Ko' meaning 'loud noise, Bundi (a place in Rasasthan) and No10'.