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Right couter

Right couter



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Transferred from the Rotunda Museum of Artillery, Woolwich, 1927. From Rhodes, acquired by Sir J Lefroy 1867.

Physical Description

Made of one large piece, and curving well into the elbow, with a deep V-shaped pucker. It is smoothly rounded over the point of the elbow, with a very slight lateral ridge from the end of the pucker. The rear edge is vertical, and extends well inside the point of the elbow.

Above and below the ridge, at the centre front, are two pairs of holes, probably once fitted with eyelets, for arming points from the vambrace. On the ridge, to the inside of these holes, a modern buckle and bifurcated strap is attached to the rear by four rivets.

There is a contemporary repair in the form of a roughly crescent-shaped welded patch at the point of the elbow. At the front, on the lower edge, is a modern internal riveted repair.

Metallurgy: This is a low carbon steel which has not been hardened. Its microstructure contains ferrite and pearlite (perhaps 0.2% C) and numerous slag inclusions.


Dimensions: Height 210 mm, width 155 mm, depth 155 mm Weight: 455 g

Inscriptions and Marks

At the upper edge above the elbow is stamped the maker's mark, ROM ROM surmounted by an orb adn cross, attributed to Romain des Ursins. At the front, near the lower edge, is the Rotunda number, MA 2324 surmounted by a cannon.


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