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Right cuisse

Right cuisse



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Transferred from the Rotunda Museum of Artillery, Woolwich, 1927. From Rhodes, acquired by Sir J Lefroy 1867.

Physical Description

Only the main plate preserved. Formed of one piece, curved to the thigh, with almost parallel sides narrowing slightly to the knee. The upper edge is almost horizontal, curving down slightly at the inside in a flattened S-shape, with a bold, angular outward turn. A low medial ridge runs the full length of the plate. The right side face is boxed near the edge, which is pierced for the attachment of a hinge above and straps below. There is a rivet-filled hole near the lower edge, and near the middle of the right edge is a flat-headed rivet for the attachment of a lost side-plate. Above each terminal of the upper edge is a single pierced hole for the rivets securing the lost upper extension lames; the internal heads of the rivets for the medial leather survive at the centre. At the left edge is a group of four rivet holes, with flat-headed rivets in the lower two, for the attachment of the bifurcated leather strap which encircled the thigh. Above this group is a smaller rivet with another hole nearby. The lower edge curves down slightly over the knee, and is pierced at either side for the attachment of the poleyn.


Dimensions: Height; 290 mm; width: 160 mm Weight: 740 g

Inscriptions and Marks

At the upper dentre of the right face is stamped the Rotunda mark, MA 2333, and traces of 23 appear at the same level to the left of the keel.


Bibliographic References

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Compare the cuisses of the Sanctuary B3 (Boccia 1982, tav. 295-325, t, u), which were not, however, fitted with side plates.