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Left greave

Left greave



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Transferred from the Rotunda Museum of Artillery, Woolwich, 1927. From Rhodes, acquired by Sir J Lefroy 1867.

Physical Description

Formed of two associated halves. The greave is shaped to the leg, with a full-length medial ridge at the front, and a three-quarter length ridge on the rear plate. The two plates are hinged at the left and fastened by pin-catches at the right at top and bottom. The plates are arched over the foot, dipping down over the ankle, with angular outward turns at the lower edges.

The front plate has several vacant holes at its upper edge by which it was formerly attached to a poleyn. Below these are holes and a large-headed, internal rivet for the attachment of straps and buckles for fastening the original rear plate. The upper, transverse set of three adjustment holes for the pin-catch have been added or reamed out later. At the lower edge, a deep plate with an angular outward turn has been added, internally riveted.

The hinges are restored. They are lobated, the upper one having a bifurcated front half, and attached by dome-headed rivets without washers. Above one, on the front plate, a single rivet hole for the original hinge is visible.

The rear plate is associated. The pins for the pin-catch fastenings are later additions. Below the upper hinge, there is a rectangular notch cut into the edge, and an adjacent rivet hole for the original hinge. At the upper right edge are four rivet holes, two of which, aligned vertically, appear to have been for a staple for fastening the strap from the front plate. The lower left corner has an internal riveted repair of old metal.

Associated with the cuisse iii.1127 and poleyn iii.1134.


Dimensions: Mounted with III.1134 and III.1127: As mounted: length: 360 mm; width: 120 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

At the right of centre onthe front plate is stamped MA 2841, surmounted by a cannon.


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