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Rugby School. Subsequently part of the J. F. R. Winsbury Collection.

Physical Description

The cuff is pointed, made in one piece, embossed with two chevrons following the point and with a transverse ridge at the wrist. The metacarpal plate, which overlaps the cuff, also encircles the wrist, and is joined by two rivets in lobes. To it is riveted a knuckle plate and to that a pointed phalangeal plate, which has a recessed border at its main edge. All other edges are plain, that of the cuff bordered by modern flush rivets, that around the inside of the wrist bordered by a row of original flush rivets. Across the middle of the phalangeal plate is a row of four rivet holes for finger scales. The wrist plate is fitted with a restored modern thuimb defence of five scales. The upper corners of the finger plate have broken off and have riveted repairs. The exterior is patinated.


Dimensions: Length: 341 mm; width: 110 mm Weight: 475 g

Inscriptions and Marks

no marks


Compare Italian examples without fluting but otherwise similar structure, Sanctuary B2 (Boccia 1982, tav. 289-90), the right gauntlets of B3 (Boccia 1982, tav 319) and B4 (Boccia 1982, tav. 354).