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Left mitten gauntlet

Left mitten gauntlet



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From the Beriah Botfield collection at Norton Hall. Presented by the National Art Collections Fund in 1942. From the former composite Gothic armour (II.142) split up and renumbered before 1963

Physical Description

Composed of two plates: a cuff with integral metacarpal plate and a finger plate. The cuff is deep, has a medial ridge and extends over the lower arm. Its outer edge is turned outwards and is bordered by 13 lining-rivets for the attachment of the glove. The plate is flanged at the wrist where it is secured on the inside by two flush rivets. It is shaped for the metacarpus and lower thumb, where there are a pair of rivets for the attachment of the missing thumb defence. Three rivets at either side are for the attacahment to the glove. The finger plate overlaps the cuff/metacarpal plate and articulated on at rivet at either side. A row of four transverse rivets are for the attachment of finger scales. A pair of rivets at either side are for the attachment to the glove.


Dimensions: Length: 300mm; height: 140mm; width: 130mm Weight: 0.435 kg ( 0 lb 15 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

Stamped on the cuff three times with an illegible mark, possibly two are split crosses over an 'o' and another letter and one is a crown over two letters.

Bibliographic References

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