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Bearing sword

Bearing sword



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Presumably like IX.1024 from the Royal Ordnance Depot, Weedon (Northamptonshire), probably in 1958; latterly (1928 list) no. 472 (part of no. 226 in 1927 list). (Latterly Loan [CL]90). This or IX.1024 was earlier in in the Tower since at least the late 18th century (Grose 1786).

Physical Description

Similar to IX.1024. There are slight variations in the inlaid symbols. At each end of the grip is a raised moulding (IBE).
[The following description of IX.1024 is taken largely from Norman and Wilson 1982 - still to be adapted for IX.1025 (do from Object): Of great size for processional use. Steel hilt consisting of an octagonal discoid pommel with a shallow circular recess in each face, and long straight cross-guard (quillons) of square section expanded slightly at the centre to take the thick tang. Massive tapering blade of flattened diamond section with a shallow fuller extending for almost half its length. There are symbols on each face at one time inlaid with copper or brass: from the hilt to the point there are three pairs of parallel lines intersecting, a stylized wolf, the letter M in black, and a fleur-de-lys. On one face there is in additional star of five points. Original grip of wood covered with leather with a slight swelling towards its centre from which it tapers sharply towards the pommel.]


Dimensions: Overall length: 2270 mm (89.25 in.), Blade length: 1676 mm (66 in.) Weight: 14 lb. 3 oz.

Inscriptions and Marks

Hilt: CHECK if any painted numbers.Blade: TO BE DONE from Object (Similar, but not identical, to those on IX.1024 - IBE). Includes letter N [as well as M] and crozier acc. to Blair 1962.


Bibliographic References

F. Grose, A Treatise on ancient armour and weapons, London, 1786, pl. 22 (either this one or IX.1024).

C. Blair, European and American Arms, c.1100-1850, London, 1962, Pl. 65 - 'English(?) (blade German), early 15th century'.

15th century.Hilt English, blade German.


Very similar to IX.1024: q.v. under Notes for general comments and comparisons.
For further discussion of the sword shown by Grosse (1786) see entry for IX.1024.