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Armour (mogami haramaki gusoku)

Armour (mogami haramaki gusoku)



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The helmet for this armour is a rather conically shaped Etchu zunari bachi, having the front end of the main longitudinal plate overlap the browplate rather than being riveted beneath it as on a Hineno zunari. There is no peak, instead the browplate is extended and cut out over the eyes. Attached to the browplate is a double tsunemono for a forecrest and on top a large double prong to carry an exaggerated kashira date. There are six holes drilled through the bowl rather more than half way up. Two holes in each side plate are for the loops of braid normally associated with the shiten no byo, which are not fitted to this helmet, the remaining pair are on either side of the centre line at the back. These may have been for an agemaki of some type.
Attached to the bowl are the three lowest lames from a five lame Etchu shikoro that was sugake laced and provided on the lowest plate with holes for a row of uname toji and one row of hishinui.
Small hanbo of black lacquered iron with the usual red lacquered interior. The tare is missing. an X-ray of the mask shows that the plate was not large enough and the smith has riveted an extra piece on that occupies most of one cheek.
The do is a mogami haramaki having the mune ita, waki ita and so on, lacquered black with cross-hatched grooves. The armour is provided with tsubo sode, the standing flange on the kanmuri ita being lacquered and cross-hatched like the remainder of the armour. At the base of the flange is an applied strip of leather with kanamono. The kote are now sewn onto European velvet and are made up from wide shino with cross-hatched lacquer joined by mail. The metalwork terminated just above the elbow in the Momoyama fashion.


Mounted with helmetHeight1100 mm

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