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Centrefire six-shot revolver - Webley Mark VI (with Pritchard-Greener bayonet)

Centrefire six-shot revolver - Webley Mark VI (with Pritchard-Greener bayonet)



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Transferred from Technical Stores Depot, Weedon, 19th June 1959. Authorised under War Office letter: 57/SA/3072 (Ord 9C) dated 8 July 1958. (Comprising part of a store of obsolete and surrendered arms)

Physical Description

This service Webley is a standard issue pattern, used from 1915 onwards. The metal parts are blued with black bakelite grips and lanyard ring. The bayonet is the Pritchard-Greener produced specifically for the Mk VI Webley. It comprises a cast brass hilt with shortened French Gras bayonet blade, retained by a hexagonal nut set onto a hollow in the top of the pommel. The sprung retaining latch is of steel, and is retained by a pin through the short brass crossguard.


Mass manufacture



OverallLength11.25 in
OverallLength286 mm
OverallWeight1.5 kg
OverallWeight3.3 lb oz
BarrelLength4.17 in
BarrelLength106 mm


Serial Number 283944


.455 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Sold out of service
Facing broad arrows.
Manufacturer's mark
Webley Mk VI 1916
Left side frame


Bibliographic References

Arms and Armour Society Journal, Vol XIV.3 March 1993


Revolvers typically held only six rounds of ammunition. Without the Prideaux speed loader, swift reloading proved difficult, potentially relegating the pistol to use as a club. Never issued officially, the Pritchard-Greener bayonet was sold as an addition to the revolver for trench raiding parties and close-quarter combat. This Revolver/Bayonet combination is rare, with probably under 150 units being produced. Each bayonet had to be hand-fitted to the revolver and the time and cost involved would have made such a sidearm an uneconomic proposition during the Great War. No similar combination has subsequently been manufactured.