Object Title

Dagger - Rondel Dagger

Dagger - Rondel Dagger



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Found in Bow Marsh in 1826, 8 feet below the surface.

Physical Description

Hilt formed by two octagonal discs, one above and one below the grip, each composed of a flattened cup with flat top, the upper one was retained by four small and one large rivets, the end of the tang beig riveted within the cup. Two of the small rivets are missing. Wooden grip fastened by four rivets to the tang, the edges of which show decorative filing. Long tapering blade of kite-section, with a maker's mark inlaid in copper on one face. The whole corroded and patinated.



BladeLength395 mm
OverallLength509 mm
OverallWeight260 g

Inscriptions and Marks

Maker's mark
copper inlay mark. A T above a crescent
blade, near hilt


Bibliographic References

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