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Dagger - Rondel Dagger

Dagger - Rondel Dagger



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Excavated from the bed of the Thames at Queenhithe at a depth of 3.5 feet on 22/08/1976

Physical Description

The round rondels formed of solid pieces of iron, the lower rondel with medial flat from which there is a straight taper to the hilt and a curved taper to the blade. The pommel of similar form but without the medial flat, giving it a button form.
Wooden grip reinforced with two longitudinally spiralling bands of iron wire, pinned to the wood at top, bottom and middle, each with a band of twisted brass wire on either side.
Long blade of flattened diamond section, tapering gradually to a point.
All the iron of this dagger is covered with a deep blue/black patina.



BladeLength495 mm
OverallLength610 mm
OverallWeight415 g

Inscriptions and Marks

The remains of circular mark are visible on one side of the blade.


Another example of a rondel dagger with surviving wooden grip can be found at Musee de l'Armee (P.O.1193) On this example the wood is craved into raised bands in a longitudinal chevron pattern, the bands bordered by brass wire. The lowered areas contain large holes for rivets surrounded by decoration formed of round-headed steel pins.