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Chausses (Pyjama zereh)

Chausses (Pyjama zereh)



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The trousers are of red brocade having an all-over pattern of gold medallions arranged in staggered rows. The selveges of the brocade, which show at some seams, have a continuous gold line. They are lined with red silk having a yellow band at the selveges. Each leg is made from a width of material, sewn to the opposite leg at the waist, but sewn to a triangular gusset to the fork. The waist is sewn to form a tube for the drawstring. Sewn to the leg from about mid thigh to ankle is a panel of fine butted mail with an allover pattern of diamonds in horizontal rows of brass links. The mail only covers the front of the leg to about the knee, then extending to form a tube around the lower leg. At the cuffs there is a band of gold orris braid. The trousers retain their waist cord of red silk meshed cloth that terminates at each end in two buttons. On one end is a decorative cigar shaped tassel of gold thread with extended hanging cords ending in loops.


Dimensions: The length from waist to hem is 1040 mm, the waist is approximately 600 mm. The length of the mail portion being 545 mm. Weight: The weight of the trousers is 2.3 kg.

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Places India


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