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late 15th century

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Physical Description

The pollaxe is topped with a spike of square section made in one with the central block which serves as a half-socket for the axe and hammer heads, which are each formed in one piece. The long, tapering axe head is set at an angle, it's lower end towards the haft. The upper edge is cusped twice and the lower edge once. The long hammer head is deeply grooved throughout the length of the striking face and deeply indented on either side face. A pyramidal spike is riveted to one side of the central block and a brass rosette-shaped washer on the other. From under the lower ends of the block two long langets extend down much of the length of the haft and end in circular terminals. The pollaxe is decorated with inlain brass in trefoil patters around three groups of pireced circles in the axe blade and in herringbone and trellis patterns on the hammar and block, The bottom of the haft is fitted with a steel queue which fits over the wood and terminates in a bead-like finial.The haft is a later replacement.

Featured in

Hundred Years War


Hand made


HammerDepth46 mm
HammerLength99 mm
HammerWidth20 mm
SpikeLength180 mm
OverallLength1855 mm
OverallWidth177 mm
BladeLength252 mm
Small Pyramidal SpikeLength32 mm
LangetLength738 mm
QueueLength86 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

Accession number
7 875
Attached to haft
Round metal disc


Bibliographic References

Viscount Dillon, 'Barriers and Foot Combats', Archaeological Journal, LXI, 1904, pp. 276-308, at p. 306, Pl. I (fac. p. 276), no. 3.