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Rowel spur

Rowel spur



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Bequest of Dr Richard Williams, 1974. Previously in W. B. Redfern Collection

Physical Description

Spur for the left foot in excavated condition, comprising slender downward-curved semi-circular sectioned arms cut in a cabled pattern and a short neck with a petal like rowel of six points. Two strap lockets of horseshoe design are attached to the the terminal ring of the inner arm. A buckle and and single strap locket are attached to the terminal ring of the outer arm. Both the heel strap and upper strap with long tongue survive. The upper strap has a series of small iron bosses attached.

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Hundred Years War



Rowel SpurLength125 mm
Rowel SpurWeight60 g
Rowel SpurWidth74 mm

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Places England


Rowel spurs with rotating wheels (rowels) had begun to replace single pointed prick spurs by the middle of the 14th century. In addition to being functional objects, spurs were also indicative of the wearer's wealth and status. Each spur was attached to the heel by leather straps, which exceptionally in this case, have survived.