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Mail aventail - Mail aventail

Mail aventail - Mail aventail



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Purchased from the National Magazine Co. (W R Hearst collection) October 1952, with the help of the Pilgrim Trust, National Art Collections Fund and a special Exchequer Grant, one of 52 items purchased together. From the collection of Dr Fritsch, Lucerne, bt. privately by Hearst via Raymond Bartel June 1935

Physical Description

Shaped to the chin and spreads over the shoulders. The mail is all of riveted construction, the links fastened by wedge-shaped rivets with large rounded heads 2.17 mm in diameter. The mail is bordered by two rows of brass links fastened by round iron rivets. The basinet with which it is displayed was made at the Tower between 1952 and 1958.


LinkDiameter12.29 mm
LinkDiameter8.47 mm

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The basinet skull with which this is displayed was made by Ted Smith in 1957.