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Vambrace (incomplete)

Vambrace (incomplete)



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Purchased 1982. Formerly Raymond Bartell Collection; sold at Sotheby's, 6 December 1951, part of lot 185

Physical Description

This comprises a short, gutter-like upper cannon linked by a single narrow articulating lame to a bluntly pointed couter with a small oval wing. The upper edge of the upper cannon has a narrow, flange-like outward turn and a row of rivets which originally secured a leather on the inside for the arming points. Rivets at either end of the couter formerly held a strap and buckle passing round the elbow joint.

Featured in

Hundred Years War


Dimensions: Length: 178 mm; inside diameter at top: 104 mm Weight: 310 g

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Bibliographic References

C. Paggiarino, The Royal Armouries, masterpieces of medieval and renaissance arms and armour, Milan, 2011, volume 1


Compare the Churburg vambraces nos 22 and 47, in Trapp and Mann 1929.