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Dagger - Baselard

Dagger - Baselard



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Purchased May 1961. Purchased by the vendor at Christie's sale, 25 April 1961, forming part of the Dacre Kendrick Edwards Collection

Physical Description

The hilt consists of a slender grip with a long cross-guard above and below, the faces of the hilt covered with three pieces of dark wood on each side secured by a series of seventeen hollow rivets. Straight two-eded blade of flattened diamond section with two central fullers on each face, rising at the hilt and extending about half way along the blade.





BladeLength365 mm
OveralLength450 mm
OverallWeight397 g

Inscriptions and Marks


Bibliographic References

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A disc bearing this number, attached to a long copper wire, was found in the Middle Flint, Feb. 1992).


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