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Centrefire six-shot revolver - Colt Navy Model 1851 conversion

Centrefire six-shot revolver - Colt Navy Model 1851 conversion



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Old Tower collection

Physical Description

A London Navy converted to .38 calibre centrefire. This is a very simple conversion involving the rear fo the cylinder being machined away and a new rear face pinned on, having chambers bored through to accept a centrefire cartridge. There is no loading gate of ejector fitted. The octagonal barrel has its loading lever in place, although this is now redundant. The grip and backstrap are blued , as is the cylinder barrel and frame. The grip is polished walnut


BarrelLength191 mm


Serial Number 17275


.38 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Barrel: Arrow ADDRESS COL COLT LONDON Arrow. British proof marks are on the left frame, in front of the barrel wedge. The cylinder is plain, and numbered 17275


Places USA


As this is not a factory modification it is difficult to give a date for conversion. The pistol has been re-blued and the quality of this would indicate a comparatively early conversion, of circa 1875.