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Centrefire breech-loading double-barrelled shotgun - By J. V. Needham

Centrefire breech-loading double-barrelled shotgun - By J. V. Needham



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Formerly Class XXIV.1626 (1938-1971, Student Collection). Old Tower Collection.

Physical Description

Bar locks scroll and border engraved, each plate engraved along upper edge, J.V. NEEDHAM. Flat cocks with bevelled edges, scroll engraved, with heads well centred to strike in centre of standing breeches. The outer front surfaces of the cocks have small studs or hooks extending forward, which are acted upon by the breech lever in opening the action, bringing the cocks to half-cock automatically on opening.
The action is operated by pressing downwards on the side lever located along the forward part of the right lock, with its transverse section running through the standing breech. This causes studs on either end of the transverse section to bear against the hooks on the forward part of the cocks, and press them into the half-cock position, and at the same time withdraws abar from its position in an extension on the bottom of the barrels, allowing the barrels to drop down for loading. The table of the action is stamped NEEDHAMS PATENT 1053.
Chequered fore-end and small, oval silver escutcheon on underside of butt; plain iron buttplate with short pointed tang. Fore-end retained by screw into under-rib of barrels. Scroll and border engraved iron furniture; rear finial of trigger guard numbered 4804


BarrelLength29.88 inhes
BarrelLength759 mm
OverallLength1203 mm


Serial Number 4804


0.73 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Rib engraved: J.V. NEEDHAM, 27 CANNON ST, NEW ST, BIRMINGHAM Barrels stamped with Birmingham proof marks



J. Needham's Patent No.15544 of May 22nd 1862 refers.