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Purchased from the National Magazine Co. (William Randolph Hearst Collection) October 1952, with the help of the Pilgrim Trust, the National Art Collections Fund and a special Exchequer Grant. one of 52 items purchased together. From the collection of the Grand Dukes of Saxe-Weimar at Schloss Ettersburg. Sold by Andrade or Furmage at Sotheby's, 26 July 1935; bought by Bartel for Hearst

Physical Description

The wooden tree is covered in padded canvas, and shaped with four projecting tongues fitting in pockets in the saddle pad. The pad is of thick leather lined with padded canvas and carries the straps and buckles for the girths, stirrup leathers, breast strap and crupper. The cantle is low and curved to the seat. The bow is high, and fitted with a brass staple at either side for the holster straps. It is covered with red velvet trimmed with yellow silk braid bordered with flowers in gold thread and sequins. The crupper where it passes beneath the tail has two gilt brass clasps pierced with the monogram EA. The holsters are of hardened leather with deep brass cups, the button finials of which are pierced for the drainage of rainwater. They are covered with double false flaps decorated en suite. The saddle cloth (shabraque) is of leather covered in crimson velvet matching the saddle. The stirrups are of brass decorated with foliage and scallop-shells.


Weight: Saddle 14 lb 0 oz, holsters 1 lb 10 oz, stirrups 1 lb 3 oz

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