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Bayonet and scabbard

Bayonet and scabbard



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Physical Description

The hilt consists of a blued steel beaked pommel with a rectangular slot and spring-catch secured by a screw, and a cleaning hole at the base. The blued steel cross-guard consists of a short, straight forward quillon and a muzzle-ring. The grip is formed from 2 wooden plaques, secured through the tang by 2 round-headed rivets.
The straight, single-edged blade has a single fuller towards the rounded back-edge rising 0.75 in. from the guard and extending for 13 in.
The black leather scabbard has 2 blued steel mounts. The locket is secured by the scabbard by 3 rivets set in a triangular arrangement and a staple (both sides). The chape is secured to the scabbard by a staple. There is a circular frog button for suspension.


Dimensions: Length (sword): 558.8 mm (22 in.), length (blade): 434.8 mm (17.12 in.), length (scabbard): 438.2 mm (17.25 in.)

Inscriptions and Marks

Pommel, stamped: OTC over E.N over 321forte, outside the hand, stamped: 24, -B, 33, '33, E, X, A-, 6V, F, Eforte, inside the hand, stamped: 1967, 31 over 2, 8 over WILKINSONS PALL MALL, 27scabbard mouth, stamped: 163outside the hand, the locket, stamped: D over V over 3base of the chape, stamped: 4 over B


Places Britain


Associated with XII.5700 (SMLE Mk. II 1896)
For further details, see 'The Bayonet Book', by J. Watts & P. White, p. 323 and 393 (no. 820)