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Percussion muzzle-loading military rifle-musket - Pattern 1842

Percussion muzzle-loading military rifle-musket - Pattern 1842



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Old Tower Collections. Formerly on loan to Scottish United Services Museum. Loan 159. Returned 5th June 1992.

Physical Description

Blued lockplate with P53 type hammer. Fully stocked with slides locking on the barrel. Brass furniture consisting of a butt plate, trigger guard, three ramrod pipes and a fore-end cap. The blued barrel is fitted with a tangent backsight (graduated to 900 yards) and a post foresight. The bayonet lug is of the Lovel type. The ramrod is steel with a concave head


BarrelLength38.98 inches
BarrelLength990 mm
OverallLength1388 mm


Serial Number None visible


0.77 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Engraved on the lock: Crown over VR, 1854 over ENFIELD, crown over broad arrow.Engraved on the barrel: crown over VR, crown over crossed scepters, crown over E over 5 (twice).Stamped under butt: E.WANT, 83, crown over E5 (twice).Stamped on ramrod: Crown over B over 7


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