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Flintlock muzzle-loading military rifle-musket - Model 1787

Flintlock muzzle-loading military rifle-musket - Model 1787



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Transferred from COD Weedon, 1925. (1927 list no.320)

Physical Description

This is a Fusilier N C C’s Model 1787. It has a typical Prussian design lock with a thick lock plate with bevelled edges attached by three screws. It is engraved ahead of the swan necked cock POTZ. DAMMAGAZ and the bevel beneath D S E. The steel spring has usual ornamental file cuts and facets with a flattened tear drop finial. Flat topped steel with faceted back. Detachable faceted pan and cock jaws are hexagonal and faceted.
The gun is stocked to 3 1.8 inches of the muzzle and the barrel is retained by two pins and the upper sling loop screw. The brass furniture is of typical Prussian design with a flat fore-end cap. Attached to the gun are three tapered, octagonal ramrod pipes and a tailpiece with octagonal tube and faceted tapering finial. The trigger guard is flat with bevelled edges, the bow with two grooves to emphasise the facets. It has a heavy flat butt plate with an ornamental stepped and notched tang engraved with the crowned cypher FWR of Frederick William II. Also attached is a flat, wavy side plate with bevelled edges. Iron sling hoops, the lower sling hoop passing through the rear tang of the trigger guard. Curled iron trigger. The ramrod channel, lock plate, side plate flat and barrel tang are surrounded with raised moulding terminating in tear drop finials. The left side of the butt has a slightly raised, rounded cheek rest. The underside of the butt is stamped K and 10 and with a number 4 painted alongside. The short button headed rammer with this gun is a later replacement.
The barrel is full rounded and blued; it is also rifled with eight grooves. It is turned at the breech, just ahead of which are several stylised Prussian eagle marks and later ordinance private proof marks.
There is a bayonet stud on the underside of the muzzle. The gun is equipped with a long brass blade foresight. The square ended barrel is tang high at the front but not grooved as is normal for back sight.


BarrelLength1039 mm
OverallLength1448 mm
OverallWeight4.3 kg


Serial Number None visible


.70 in

Inscriptions and Marks

ahead of cock
Markahead of cock
Marktang of butt plate
Markunderside of butt
Markunderside of butt


Places Prussia