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Percussion breech-loading rifle - Sartoris Patent

Percussion breech-loading rifle - Sartoris Patent



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BarrelLength29.88 inches
BarrelLength759 mm
OverallLength1156 mm


Serial Number None visible


0.59 in


Places Britain


Similar offered at auction by Antony Cribb Ltd in April 2018 with claimed trials provenance; 'A CRISP 28-BORE BRITISH MILITARY PATTERN FLINTLOCK BREECH LOADING EXPERIMENTAL TRIALS CARBINE USING THE SARTORIS OR CRESPI SYSTEM, BY BIVEN, 16.5inch total barrel length, sighted brass muzzle band, the pivoting breech arm unlocking the threaded breech locking mechanism, the combination sighted breech handle lifting the hinged breech, the underside of the breech stamped with view mark, serial no.133 and maker's initials A.F.B. for Anthony Farindon Biven, stepped and bolted lock with roller frizzen, full stocked with regulation brass mounts. Urbanus Sartoris developed and refined the Crespi system and had carbines constructed by Biven for scrutiny by the British Board of Ordnance who were uninterested. Biven made several sporting versions and a few military examples for Yeomanry Cavalry use. See Page 89 British Military Firearms 1650-1850 by Howard L. Blackmore.'