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Centrefire lever-action magazine rifle - Winchester Model 1873

Centrefire lever-action magazine rifle - Winchester Model 1873



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Old Tower Collection

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The receiver and action are the standard Model 1873. The upper tang has the finial type of Model designation with the floral curls at each end, and Model 1873. The lower tang has the serial number 176637A. The A is a factory work number having no direct relation to the serial number (Madis). The underside of the brass cartridge carrier is engraved 44 CAL.
Stocked to 4 and 1/8 ins, of the muzzle, the fore-end retained by three rounded solid blued steel bands, the upper band acting also as fore-end cap, being also a split band of clamping type. The middle band carries the upper sling loop through its underside and is pinned by a screw from the left side. The lower bad is held by a screwed into the underside of the butt 3 and 1/2 ins, from the toe. The rounded and curved buttplate has a sliding brass trap for carrying cleaning rod in the butt. The magazine tube beneath the barrel extends forward 1 and 1/8 ins, from the fore-end.
The fully round blued barrel is stamped ahead of the backsight, WINCHESTER'S-REPEATING-ARMS. NEW HAVEN, CT. KING'S-IMPROVEMENT PATENTED-MARCH 29 1866, OCTOBER 16, 1860. Immediately ahead of the receiver is stamped 44 CAL.
The foresight is a blade on block. The backsight is screwed to the barrel 1 inch from the receiver, and consists of a rectangular bed with slightly raised sides at the rear of the base, and has its base made as a notched block. The leaf is graduated to 800 yards, and there is a small stop-screw for the slide at the top of the leaf.


Dimensions: Overall length: 49 in (1245 mm), Barrel length: 30 in (762 mm)


Serial Number 176637A


.44/40 in Win


Places America


See also XII.2430,2431 and 2675.