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Flintlock muzzle-loading sporting gun - by James Low

Flintlock muzzle-loading sporting gun - by James Low


about 1620

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Purchased by the Armouries from Mr F.A. Turner. The gun was first sold as lot 574 'An Antique Eastern Rifle' as part of the effects of The Manor House, New Place, Pullorburgh, Sussex on 13th/14th September 1965 by the auctioneers John D. Wood & Co. Bought by Mr F.A. Turner.

Physical Description

The slender barrel is of round section with a flat on either side running nearly to the flared and moulded muzzle. There is a raised flange at the base of the breech into which is cut the back-sight notch. The barrel is engraved with panels of scrolling foliage, involving adorned C scrolls, together with chequered and herring-bone ornament framed in looped ribbon-like bands, the loops enclosing roses and other conventional flowers. Towards the breech, between two low mouldings, is a blank shield beneath a crowned helmet. The ground to the engraving is hatched and the entire surface has originally been gilt. At the breech is engraved the date 161?, the last digit partly obliterated. The gun was originally fitted with a snaphaunce lock but this has been replaced by a flint-lock in the seventeenth century. The present lock has a flat brass lock-plate, originally gilt and is made unusually long in order to occupy the space of the original lock, the face of the cock having a rounded surface. An early 18th century replacement. The original lock, a snaphaunce, resembled that in XII-63. Stock entirely of brass, the butt engraved with scrolling foliage the fore-end having on either side a band of ribbon ornament and another resembling a form of compressed key-pattern. The engraving is similar to that on the barrel and the entire surface has also been gilt which remains in the sunken parts of the engraving. The butt which is short is fitted with an extension which is formed of a plate of solid brass, pierced in the form of a royal crown and mounted on a flat brass bar which slides into the butt and is cut with square notches which engage with a spring catch on the underside of the butt. The trigger-guard has an extension for the fingers, the solid scroll-shaped and engraved with a rose. The present brass ramrod is either not original or if it is, the end has been broken off.




BarrelLength36 in.
BarrelLength909 mm
OverallLength52.3 in.
OverallLength1329 mm
OverallWeight4.1 kg
OverallWeight8.2 lb


Serial Number None visible


.476 in (43 bore)

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Exhibited Treasures from the Tower, 1982-83. Cat no.63. See C. Blair “Scottish Firearms”, American Society of Arms Collections Bulletin 1975, No.13, pp 70-71.