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Found NAAC, in a box, 1989.

Physical Description

The helmet is conical, and decorated with gilding and silver tendrils. The bowl proper is in two pieces, an upper conical section and a band around the base, the joint being covered bu a gilded band swelling into diamond shapes at intervals. A further narrow band encircles the parallel section and is joined under the nasal holder, the nasal itself being missing. Between the joint and the apex are applied spatulate strips also gilded. Between these strip the skull itself has gilded diamonds on it, the remaining space being filled by tendrils in silver. Around the base of the bopwl is a band of gold overlay of scrolling foliage. At the top of the helmet is a conical brass casting, that covers the apex and is topped by a crescent. This is not the quality of the rest of the helmet and appears to be a later addition. The helmet is fitted with a mail aventailof small butted links that terminates in a straight lower edge and has a small slit at the back. The helmet is lined with quilted red fabric edged with a striped fabric on the bias. Sewn to the lower edge of the lining are tassels of red and green. There is a chin-cord of red braid that can be tightened by a sliding turk's head knot.


Dimensions: The height of the skull is 270 mm, the approximate diameter is 220 mm and the overall height of the helmet is 585 mm. Weight: The weight of the helmet is 3.4 kg.

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Places Sudan