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Flintlock military carbine - Model 1828

Flintlock military carbine - Model 1828



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This is part of a set of Russian weapons presented to the Tower Armouries by Nicholas I, c.1835

Physical Description

Rifled, with eight rectangular deep grooves making one quarter turn in the length of the barrel. The lock is a direct copy of the French model 1777/02 in all details and is very well finished. The tail is stamped with a small A over a larger K, and ahead of the cock is stamped the Cyrillic abbreviation for Sestoretsk, a cross and 1834. This abbreviation may be transliterated as C.T.P.II.K.
Stocked to the muzzle, the barrel retained by two pins and the band which serves to anchor the upper end of the sling bar. The fore-end is reinforced with a wide sheet brass strap around the wood at the muzzle. No provision for ramrod. The one-piece brass trigger guard is formed with a grip and the small of the stock is dropped slightly on its underside to form a grip. The heavy brass buttplate has a wide short rounded tang. A long narrow but-trap contains compartment fitted to hold a ball screw, powder measure, scourer/jag and screwdriver blade, all of which are present


BarrelLength324 mm
OverallLength711 mm


.67 in

Inscriptions and Marks

The cover is a sliding wooden rounded piece with spring catch at the rear. Left side of long straight butt has raised cheekrest. The barrel tang has raised carving terminating in a teardrop and the carving at the rear of the lock and sideplate flats ends in incised lines of the same pattern. The flat brass sideplate is nearly straight between the lockscrews. The sling bar is anchored to the left side of an iron band around the barrel 5 ins from the breech and is 9.5 ins long, re-curving forward to be held at the rear by the rear lockscrew. All furniture is stamped with the Sestoretsk arrow mark and dated 1834. The barrel is fully octagonal with heavy walls. The left flat at the breech is stamped with a K, the top flat with the Imperial Eagle over 1834 over the Sestoretsk arrow and the end of the tang is dated 1834. The foresight is a brass blade dovetailed into the barrel. The backsight is a high notched block with one leaf hinged forward, dovetailed into the barrel 3.75 ins


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