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Sword (dha) and scabbard

Sword (dha) and scabbard



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Acquired before 1859. On loan L221 to the Horniman Museum (no.1971.48), Dreadnought Building, August 1988.

Physical Description

The blade is plain and single-edged with a straight back. The hilt is of ivory, carved in the form of a seated, glaring monkey holding a bow around its neck, and sheltering between its knees is a small divinity seated on three jewelled eyes. These figures are on a pedistal supported by a frieze of crouching figures. Between hilt and blade is a silver collar with incised herringbone decoration at the top and bottom, and a band of acanthus leaves around the middle.

The scabbard is of wood covered with red velvet. It has a silver throat with moulded bands and pearling, and three matching bands around its length. The chape is missing.


Dimensions: overall length: 70.5cm (27.8in), blade length: 50.2cm (19.8in), hilt length: 15.2cm (6.0in) Weight: The weight of the sword is 0.745 kg, the weight of the scabbard being 0.276 kg.

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Places Burma

Bibliographic References

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