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On Loan L221 1 to the Horniman Museum, Dreadnought Building, August 1988

Physical Description

Circular, with a flaring rim and a large convex boss at the centre. The exterior is covered with purple velvet overlaid with silvered copper bands. These are engraved with geometrical ornament and fretted; between two narrow concentric bands round the outside are twenty radial, fretted bands. A the centre is an inverted-saucer-shaped boss, surrounded by six fretted rectangular plates and two pairs of small hemispherical bosses for the grip.

The interior is covered with red leather tooled with a geometrical pattern. At the centre is a thick hand-grip, and at one side is a later leather thong, acting as a secondary grip. Attached to the central grip is a leather suspension strap.

Inscriptions and Marks

None. A label is inscribed 'Shield, Amhara, 19th century'.