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Flintlock muzzle-loading carbine - Cuirassier Model 1722

Flintlock muzzle-loading carbine - Cuirassier Model 1722



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Probably transferred from Rotunda Museum, Woolwich,No.7/86.

Physical Description

The standard form of Prussian lock is in place on this firearm. The plate measures 5 ¾ inches by 1 1/8 inches.The gun is stocked to the muzzle, the barrel is retained by three pins and by the bands which anchors the front of the sling bar on its left side. The furniture is brass throughout. Three rod pipes with raised rims, the tailpipe having a spear point finial. The entire length of the rod channel is moulded, which follows around the tailpipe. The trigger guard is flat with a bevelled edge, and the finials are wavy and tapered. The bow has three flats with two grooves along the sides. Fully curled trigger. The brass butt plate has an ornate, flat, tang extending just over half the length of the long comb. The left side of the butt has a raised cheek rest and the butt is full without hand rail comb and is narrow from heel to toe. Typical flat wavy brass side plate with a woodscrew through the tail. The 9 inch sling bar is held at the front by a wide rounded iron barrel band and at the rear by the rear lock-screw. The lock, barrel tang and side plate flat have ornate raised carving terminating in tear drops. Stained beech wood stock with a thin brass fore-end cap. The full round barrel is turned at the breech in the standard Prussian style. The foresight is a long brass blade set into the barrel four inches from the muzzle. The barrel tang is made high at the front and is widely grooved to act as a back sight and there is a raised lump on the top of the band which anchors the sling bar which has been cut in a V across its top for an additional back sight. The barrel is rifled.


Mass manufacture



BarrelLength37.1 in.
BarrelLength943 mm
OverallLength52.5 in.
OverallLength1334 mm


Serial Number None visible


17.3 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

Manufacturer's mark
Ahead of cock
Remains of one of the usual three Prussian Eagles
Controller's Mark
Bevel of lockplate