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Tower arsenal. Loan 224 to Sherborne Museum Association with III.2124, III.2125, III.2126.

Physical Description

The helmet has a skull made of two pieces joined in a low comb terminating above the edge at the front and rear. The edge is inwardly turned and bordered by ten lining rivets, of which four are for the replacement cheek-pieces. The neckguard is embossed to simulate three lames. It flares to the neck and has a medial point and is attached to the skull by a rivet at either side. The main edge of the neckguard is inwardly turned and bordered by nine lining rivets which have internal square washers. The peak has a medial point on the brow. It is embossed for the comb and is articulated by a rivet to the skull at either side of the temple. A triple bar face-guard is attached, made of rectanguar section bars with an outwardly curved finial at the base.

On the lower 'lame' of the neckguard at either side are two holes, possibly for suspension. There is also a hole on the right and two on the left where the peak is articulated to the skull. There is a small hole to right of the apex rivet of the neckguard.


Dimensions: Width: 18.4 cm ( 7.25 in), Length: 39.3 cm ( 15.5 in), Height: 36.7 cm ( 14.5 in) (approx.), Weight: kg ( lb oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

On the lower lame of the neckguard is a pointillÙ serial number in large figures. On the right side of the skull is deeply struck mark, possibly a crowned IR. At the point of the peak is A within a fleur-de-lys. On the inside of the neckguard is painted in white 49/71.


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