Object Title

Flintlock muzzle-loading sporting gun - By Wilson

Flintlock muzzle-loading sporting gun - By Wilson


about 1750

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Physical Description

Left-hand lock of gently rounded form with a tit at the rear, and joined to the stock by two screws. Swan neck cock with large engraved sliding safety catch placed to the rear of it on the lock plate. Waterproof pan. Main spring with leaf finial. Stocked to the muzzle. Three straight brass ramrod pipes, the tail pipe with a long tapering moulded and engraved end piece. The upper brass pipe and ramrod itself were previously missing but have been conserved. Wide brass trigger guard with engraved border decoration, and engraved, rose, the plate extending to the front, ending in an acorn finial, and to the rear for a considerable length ending in engraved leaf scroll decoration and an urn finial. The side flat decorated with a pierced brass plate in the form a trophy of arms with cannon, drums, flags, spears, swords, and a helmet. Behind the barrel tang the wood is carved in a shell motif, and on top of the small is a brass escutcheon with rocaille decoration surrounding. Slightly rounded brass butt plate held by two screws. The tang is long with four steps, and extends to within 2 inches of the front of the comb. Bright steel barrel attached by three slides has been shortened by 1-2 inches. Rounded blade foresight in tear drop shaped plate brazed to the fore-end. A raised flat extends for 8.375 inches from the break off breach and ends in a tear drop finial. The touch hole is in an inlaid circle of brass. There is a double moulding on the barrel tang which is scooped for a backsight, and has engraved leaf scroll, flower and shell decoration on the screw and stepped and arc shaped finial.





BarrelLength35.5 in
BarrelLength902 mm
OverallLength51.02 in
OverallLength1296 mm
OverallWeight2.6 kg
OverallWeight5.12 lb


Serial Number None visible


0.69 in

Inscriptions and Marks

London Proof mark
Crown over GP
Above the touch hole
View mark
Crown over V
Above the touch hole
Maker's mark
RW with a star above
Above the touch hole
Maker's name and location
Top of barrel
Before the cock



Richard Wilson is known to have been active in London from 1730-1765.