Object Title

Sword - Writhen Hilted Sword

Sword - Writhen Hilted Sword



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From the Hearst Collection, acquired 1952. Ex Spitzer Collection, labelled as lot 230 in 1895 sale

Physical Description

The blade is straight and doubled edged, of a flattened diamond section that flattens out and tapers towards the point. There is no fuller, but a medial ridge runs down the centre of the blade.

The hilt and quillons are of gilt bronze and the grip of wood, all carved and shaped to resemble a gnarled stave of three entwined branches, which splay out at the ends.

A gilded collar with roped decoration sits just above the quillons and another around the centre of the grip





OverallLength1099 mm
OverallWeight1250 g
BladeLength889 mm
QuillonsWidth205 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

On both sides of blade, close to hilt: illegible mark


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"Oakeshott Ewart - Records of the Medieval Sword" Pg 180, states that the blade is 76.2cm blade / 30". This is incorrect