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Elastic gun

Elastic gun



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Presented by Wembley Corporation 1953; from the Barham Park Museum, the original owner being G. Titus Barham (1859-1937) Chairman of Express Dairies.

Physical Description

On a similar principle to XI.113, but probably slightly earlier. The top surface of the gun-shaped wooden stock is flattened from the bronze housing for the pivoted latch, just in front of the hand, to a transverse 'spreader' at the fore-end. The latch is a simple pivoted peg, help vertically until the trigger is pressed. Behind the latch and cast integrally with the housing is a hook to which the elastic can be drawn and held as a form of safety catch. The trigger-guard, butt-plate and 'spreader' are of steel, the last consisting of an elliptical place with its centre fretted for lightness. Vertical nocks to receive the ends of the elastic are bolted to each end. An elongated arch riveted to the forward limb of the ellipse bears a brass nut turning on a short threaded section at the centre that serves as a foresight. A Y-shaped backsight is screwed into the housing tang. The latch housing is engraved with shell patterns and


Dimensions: Overall length: 1175 mm (46.4 in.), Span of Spreader: 517 mm (20.4 in.) Weight: 4 lb. 14 oz.


Places England


Three Hodges' guns of identical form sold at Phillips 15.9.82, lots 184-6. Lot 184 serial no. 25; lot 185 serial no. 16