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Elastic gun

Elastic gun



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Purchased on 26/11/1973 from Musketoon Woodstock

Physical Description

Release mechanism is a simple pivoted latch held upright until the trigger is released. Latch housing cast in one with the flat lock-plate on top of the stock. Plate engraved with foliate scrolls. Behind the latch is a metal capstan screwed into the plate to which the elastic can be drawn and held as a form of safety catch. A separate tang plate incorporates a raised and adjustable Y-shaped backsight.
Gun shaped stock with shoulder stock and chequered small. In front of the lock the top of the stock is flat. On the underside is a downward swelling for a finger grip. Onto the steel reinforced fore-end is bolted a fretted steel spreader, the ends of the two arms drilled to take the ends of the elastic. Foresight missing. Steel trigger guard with foliate scroll engraving. Plain steel butt cap.


OverallLength106.6 cm


Places England


The gun is of the type covered by R.E. Hodges British patent 12,623/1849.
See XI.113-4