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Flintlock military pistol - Light Dragoon Model

Flintlock military pistol - Light Dragoon Model



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Purchased 25th April 1983.

Physical Description

Rounded lock plate engraved with a double line border and, to the rrear of the cock TOWER, and ahead of the cock crowned GR. Stamped with a crowned broad arrow. Plain cock, the top jaw a replacement.
Full stock, cracked across the butt, stamped on the butt crowned and on the side flat WC. Standard brass mounts consisting of a single trumpet shaped rammer pipe, trigger guard, butt cap and flat side plate.
Barrel rifled with eight grooves, and with a moulded breech. Stamped with Ordnance proof marks and WI. Engraved E + 40. Tang stamped crowned 8. The barrel has been altered from a standard two pin fixing and is now attached to the stock only by a tang screw and a forward slide


BarrelLength230 mm
OverallLength400 mm


Serial Number None visible


.67 in


Places Britain


The pistol has been altered at sometime, whether as a military experiment or for private sporting purposes is uncertain.