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Centrefire bolt-action magazine rifle - Schulhof Experimental Model 1883

Centrefire bolt-action magazine rifle - Schulhof Experimental Model 1883


about 1888

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Transferred from COD Weedon.

Physical Description

The receiver is only open at the top and the bolt handle is a plate screwed in to the rear face of the bolt in the rear of the receiver. The bridge of the receiver at the rear is 2 3/8 in. in length and across this inlaid in gold letters SYSTEM SCHULHOF 34. This rifle differs from the 443 in lacking its sling loops but having its cleaning rod, and in having a simpler fastening for the track cover of the magazine on the left side of the butt. The trap cover is wood with metal strip supports along each edge, whereas 443 has an all-metal cover. The interrupted-thread locking lugs are on the rear of the bolt and engage beneath the receiver bridge. There is a sliding thumb safety in the barrel tang. Stocked to 3 ¾ in. of the muzzle, the barrel being retained by the three clamping bands which are narrow and rounded. The underside of the stock from the front of the receiver to the toe is formed of two curved plates, into which at the appropriate point the quick removable trigger guard is screwed. The after plate forms the magazine feed scoop. The trap on the left side of the butt is hinged at the top and held by a thumb spring catch at the bottom. As the lid of the trap is raised for charging the magazine, a series of cam levers draws the plate upwards to allow placing cartridges, forcing them downwards to be picked up by a feed mechanism along the bottom of the stock. The barrel and sights are Martini-Henry and the left side of the barrel is stamped with the Birmingham definitive proof mark.





BarrelLength33.25 in.
BarrelLength845 mm
OverallLength52.75 in.
OverallLength1340 mm
OverallWeight4.86 kg
OverallWeight10.7 lb


Serial Number 34


.450 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Proof mark
Crown over BP
Model name
Gold inlay